What Are The Benefits Of Zirconia Fixed Bridges In Boston, MA?

a picture of a zirconia bridge for the upper arch that has four dental implants in them for a zirconia fixed bridge procedure.

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Not only do people lose the functionality of their smile when they have missing teeth, they can even be embarrassed to show their smile. For people who have these problems, they should consider getting treated with full mouth dental implants with a zirconia fixed bridge in Boston, MA.

A zirconia fixed bridge can restore a patient’s smile so that they can eat, speak, and smile with comfort and confidence. There are many other benefits patients can look forward to when they restore their smile with a zirconia fixed bridge.


How Is My Zirconia Fixed Bridge Placed In Boston, MA?

A full mouth dental implant with a zirconia fixed bridge is a great option for those who are looking for a more durable solution to restore their imperfect teeth. The zirconia fixed bridge is made out of zirconia, which is a strong and durable material. The zirconia fixed bridge is strategically and accurately placed in a patient’s mouth by placing the zirconia fixed bridge securely on the dental implants.

Full mouth dental implants use four or more dental implants. Once the patient’s zirconia fixed bridge is placed and healed, they can enjoy their functional and beautiful new smile.

Are There Benefits To Getting A Zirconia Fixed Bridge?

There are many benefits patients can look forward to when they choose to restore their smile with a zirconia fixed bridge. Specifically, some of the benefits to patients getting a zirconia fixed bridge include:

  • A strong and durable new smile
  • Zirconia fixed bridges are custom made to look like a patient’s natural teeth
  • Patients will be able to eat, speak, and smile with ease and comfort
  • Zirconia fixed bridges are easy to take care of for long term success

Unlike acrylic and porcelain materials, the smooth and polished surface of the zirconia material will resist staining and it will feel comfortable against a patient’s gums. Zirconia fixed bridges are a strong and long-lasting way to restore a patient’s smile in a natural looking manner.

That’s why it’s so important for patients to select a skilled prosthodontist that has the knowledge, expertise, and caring environment to place their zirconia fixed bridges with expert precision and accuracy.


Ready To Improve Your Smile With Zirconia Fixed Bridges?

Get excited for a great new smile with a zirconia fixed bridge. Our modern, skilled, and caring office can give you the treatment you need to restore your smile. If you are wondering if zirconia fixed bridges are the right tooth replacement option for you, you can come to our office for a consultation. Get in contact with Dr. Mauro Stuparich and our team of professionals at our Stuparich & Nouel Dental Associates office to schedule an appointment today!

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