How Does TeethXpress® Benefit Me In Boston, MA?

an image of a full mouth dental implant model to show a patient how dental implants will be placed in their jaw for their TeethXpress treatment.

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Is there a way to get a brand-new smile in as little as one day? With TeethXpress® full mouth dental implants in Boston, MA, patients can get ready for a new and improved look, feel, and function to their teeth – especially if they are currently dealing with missing or damaged teeth! A dental professional can assess patients’ teeth to determine if TeethXpress® is the best treatment option for them. Continue reading to learn more about the TeethXPress procedure.


What Is TeethXpress In Boston, MA?

TeethXpress is an innovative new procedure to fix a patient’s smile if they have any missing teeth. TeethXpress is a permanent alternative solution to dentures, partials, and crowns that uses dental implants to support a natural looking, full arch bridge that won’t slip or click.

Furthermore, the entire TeethXpress procedure and final restoration piece can be completed in one day! TeethXpress uses between four and six dental implants to support the patients new bridge. They are strategically placed so even those who have been told they are not candidates for dental implants may qualify for this advanced procedure.

How Does TeethXpress Benefit Me In Boston, MA?

TeethXpress full mouth dental implants exhibits an impressive success rate of 99.2% and offers numerous other benefits as well. The dental implant itself can mimic a patient’s natural tooth structure which preserves and stimulates the jawbone. Other benefits of TeethXpress include:

  • Lifelong tooth replacement
  • Improved appearance
  • Strong, stable bite
  • Immediate load solution
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Improved quality of life

How Is The TeethXpress Treatment Completed?

A doctor can complete the TeethXpress procedure in as little as one day! During the process, patients can expect:

Phase One: Consultation And Treatment Plan

The first step a dental professional should take to give patients their TeethXpress procedure is complete a personalized consultation. Patients can discuss their smile goals and concerns as well as any other health conditions that need to be considered during this appointment.

The doctor may capture imaging from a CBCT scanner to assess the quality of the patient’s jawbone. Most patients may already be candidates for TeethXpress full mouth dental implants.

However, for those who have bone loss or gum disease, they can complete preliminary treatments to solve those oral problems. The doctor can also talk to their valued patients about their financial options, such as assistance, insurance, and payment plans. The next step is surgery!

Phase Two: Surgery And Immediate Reveal Of New Smile!

On the day of the patient’s surgery, the doctor can help the patient be relaxed and comfortable during their life changing treatment with sedation dentistry solutions. Once the patient is relaxed, they’ll place four or more dental implants into pre-planned locations in the patient’s jawbone.

The skilled team of dental professionals ensures the patients TeethXpress procedure for their full mouth dental implants are placed as accurately and successfully as possible for long lasting dental function and health.

Whether patients need one arch or a full mouth of new teeth, their entire surgical phase can be completed in just one day. If patients qualify, the team will also immediately attach their modified denture. Patients will not have to go a single day without a complete smile with the cutting-edge procedure, TeethXpress!


We Can Treat You With TeethXpress

You or your loved ones should come for a consultation to get a new smile today with TeethXpress at our modern and friendly office. Get in contact with Dr. Mauro Stuparich and Dr. Alexandria Nouel at our Stuparich & Nouel Dental Associates office to schedule an appointment today! We can restore your oral function and health.

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