Patient Protection

Patient Protection

In our office, your safety is the highest priority of our staff, Boston dentists, and dental hygienists. We adhere to the highest standard of infection control in accordance with the CDC and OSHA guidelines. Our treatment rooms are equipped with the most current technology to eliminate any risks.

Between patients, all treatment surfaces (e.g., countertops, chair surfaces, lights, X-ray machines, and trays) are disinfected with the safest and most effective products available.

All of our equipment is sterilized prior to treating each patient and carefully monitored for maximum effectiveness. Our instruments and handpieces are placed into an ultrasonic cleaner to remove all debris, including microscopic materials. The instruments and handpieces are then rinsed thoroughly and dried before being wrapped. They are sterilized in an autoclave, which runs for 20 minutes and reaches a temperature of 400-425 degrees, thereby destroying all bacteria and viruses. All instruments remain sterile and wrapped until needed. Our autoclave and dry heat sterilizer are monitored regularly to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

Staff members use masks, safety glasses, and new gloves for each patient. Burs, needles, and other sharps are disposed of properly by a company that responsibly incinerates these materials.

During any dental procedure, you will be offered the use of dark protective eyewear. This is not only to protect your eyes from any particles, but also to alleviate the brightness of the overhead light into your eyes.

Our Boston dental hygienists, dentists, and staff are committed to providing you with premium care through maintaining the highest standards of sterilization. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and give you a tour of our facility.