Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Dr. Stuparich and Dr. Noeul We always welcome new patients to our practice! Please call our office at (617) 437-6800 so that we can schedule adequate time for our Boston dentists Dr. Nouel or Dr. Stuparich to get to know you and understand your dental needs.

Please fill out the forms attached here and arrive at the office 15 minutes early in order for us to input your information into our computer system.

Patient Forms

Download our New Patient Packet: Here

Comprehensive Examination

We recommend a comprehensive dental and periodontal exam. This includes a thorough examination of your gums and teeth. Our Boston dentists and dental hygienists utilize the findings from this exam to compile a complete diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan that is suitable for your dental needs.

Dr. Nouel or Dr. Stuparich will discuss your treatment options with you during your initial visit. We may also schedule a separate consultation appointment at the request of the doctors. We strive to provide the best possible information concerning your treatment options. We invest a large amount of time in patient education, which allows us to render the best possible treatment outcome.

A comprehensive exam will include:

Oral Cancer Screening

We are dedicated to the prevention of oral cancer through early identification of pre-cancerous conditions. Oral cancer screenings are performed during each preventive care appointment. In the United States, oral cancer causes over 8,000 deaths each year. That is approximately one person every hour, 24 hours a day. Tobacco or smokeless tobacco users are at a greater risk for developing oral cancer.

Caries (or Cavities) Exam

During the initial examination, Boston dentists Drs. Nouel and Stuparich locate areas of decay on chewing surfaces and between teeth. They use both a clinical exam and X-ray findings to determine the most conservative treatment plan for your oral needs..

Occlusal Examination

A malocclusion or bad bite often hinders the proper functioning of the jaws and teeth. In addition, sometimes the forces of the bite can impact the position of your jaw and teeth. It's important to visit a Boston dentist who can make adjustments to your bite that will enable you to chew and swallow properly. Drs. Nouel and Stuparich can help reposition and redirect your bite by smoothing fillings or polishing the enamel surfaces of the teeth. Making adjustments to the chewing surfaces can eliminate headaches, which commonly occur as a result of an irregular bite.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction Examination

Thousands of people experience TMJ dysfunction. Common symptoms include headaches; popping and clicking of the jaw; restricted jaw functioning; pain and pressure in the ears and on the face; and pain in the shoulders, neck and upper back. We offer conventional methods designed to eliminate this painful and aggravating condition.

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