Taking Care of Dental Implants

What You Need to do to Care for Implants

Implants should be cared for like natural teeth by brushing and flossing daily. Regular hygiene appointments with our Boston dentists are necessary to monitor the health of your teeth and implants.


Advantages of dental implants over fixed bridges :

  • After ten years, implants have a success rate of over 97%, while fixed bridges have a 50% success rate after ten years.
  • Surrounding teeth are not affected when a single tooth implant is placed. However, surrounding healthy teeth are affected by bridge placement. In addition, bridges are often not successful if the adjacent teeth have decay or root canal treatment.
  • Implants integrate into the bone, which means they stimulate and preserve bone. However, bridges cause more bone loss, because there is no stimulation to the underlying bone.

Advantages of Boston dental implants over removable dentures :

  • After ten years, implants have a success rate of over 97%, while dentures have a success rate of only 35% after ten years.
  • Implants enable the underlying bone to maintain its form and density. Dentures cause the width and height of the bone to decrease.
  • Implants do not alter the shape of the patient's face. On the other hand, when full dentures are placed, lips become inverted, the face becomes thinner and the cheeks become hollow, which means the face loses its normal, healthy appearance; causing the patient to appear older.
  • Implants restore normal biting and chewing function, enabling the patient to maintain a normal diet. On the other hand, the biting and chewing function of denture wearers decreases by 75%. Food choices are limited, which impacts the patient's overall health.
  • Implants have no effect on surrounding teeth. However, removable dentures cause an extra strain on surrounding, supporting teeth. These teeth have problems with decay, mobility and gum disease, and there is a 44% chance they will be extracted within ten years.
  • Implants and attached cosmetic dentistry crowns are fixed restorations, while removable dentures must be removed and properly cleaned every night.
  • Implants do not impact speaking ability. However, 88% of denture wearers have trouble speaking.
  • Implants match the color and shape of natural teeth, while dentures do not have a natural look.