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Missing Lateral teeth

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Placing dental implants in areas of missing teeth is considered one of the most successful dental procedures.  Upper lateral teeth, which are next to the central teeth, are common teeth to be congenitally missing.  

When lateral teeth are missing, the best option is to place a dental implant with a crown in the area.  Often, orthodontics are necessary to move the surrounding teeth and create enough space for a dental implant.

Full mouth reconstruction 1

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Full mouth reconstruction is the process of restoring the majority of the teeth in the mouth at the same time. This procedure is done when teeth that have been compromised due to decay,  periodontal problems, trauma, or bruxism.  Full mouth reconstructions are also done when there are problems due to occlusion,  which is the way that the teeth bite together.  Esthetics are always an important factor.  The dentists at Stuparich and Nouel Dental Asssociates ensure that  the color and shapes of the teeth are what the patient is looking for.


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Our patients are often looking  to "improve their smile" or they desire "a fuller, brighter smile".  When people want changes in  the color, shape, or alignment of their front teeth, veneers are the answer.  Veneers are porcelain coverings that are bonded to the  teeth to cover chipped, discolored, or misaligned teeth.  They are also used to fill in gaps between the teeth.

Cerec - Part 1- Why we use Cerec restorations, and the steps involved in creating them

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Cerec restorations are a breakthrough in modern dentistry as they allow the patient to have a restoration completed in the office in one visit, and allows the dentist to create an ideal restoration in both fit and appearance.  This blog explains the benefits of Cerec restorations and the steps involved in creating them.